The organisation now known as Churches Together Around Tadley was formed in May 1965 to provide a forum for Churches around Tadley to work together to  bring the love of Jesus to our community. 

There are now 11 churches within CTAT.  Each year they organise over 100 unique events, expanding to over 1,300 with repeated events, to benefit our community. These are grouped into the categories shown on the CTAT Website.  You can also see more about what we do on the CTAT Facebook Page.

CTAT Finance
Most of the income for CTAT comes from subscriptions paid by the member churches, along with grants and donations.  Further donations are always welcome, please click here if you wish to donate to CTAT.

Summary accounts for the year ending 31 December 2023 are shown below:

Account Brought Forward Income Expend­iture Carried Forward
CTAT General £2,998.77 £527.26 £1,406.49 £2,119.54
Arts Festival £2,276.82 £0.00 £0.00 £2,276.82
Holiday Club £2,104.91 £1,785.00 £1,915.75 £1,974.16
Totals £7,380.50 £2,312.26 £3,322.24 £6,370.52


CTAT Governance
All significant decisions regarding CTAT are made by representatives of member churches at the CTAT Forum meetings, the next meeting is shown below:

To allow day-to-day management of CTAT, two Moderators, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Communications Officer are elected each year at the CTAT AGM.  The officers elected for the year starting January 2024 are:

Rev Steve McKay Moderator
Stewart Madden Moderator
Janet Gross Secretary
Paul Sawyer Treasurer
Paul Gross Communications Officer