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The CTAT website is aimed at making known public-facing Events held by churches within the Tadley and Silchester area.

In order to help find similar Events of a given type, each Event is assigned to a Category, and it is this Category that controls which calendar the event is displayed in. For example, separate calendars exist for Youth Events and Spiritual Events, as well as calendars for other categories. 

The following types of events are all suitable to be added to the CTAT website:

  • Any public-facing event organised by a CTAT church
  • Any public event where a CTAT church is a participant
  • Public-facing events organised by non-CTAT churches within a 15-minute drive of the Tadley and Silchester area, if they are of particular interest

The following events should not normally be added to the CTAT website:

  • Normal church services, except that Christmas and Easter services, plus 'branded' services such as Messy Church, can be added.
    The Churches around Tadley page shows each church related to CTAT and links to the page in their website that shows service times.  This allows each church the flexibility to say whatever they want about their own services without having to update the CTAT page.
  • Events private to the church congregation, such as Housegroups, Prayer Meetings, etc
  • Events organised by non-CTAT churches outside of a 15-minute drive of the Tadley and Silchester area

Please read all of the other articles on this Wiki about setting up Events before creating an Event for the first time, as these should help you see how the various items work together. 

Events can be held at a physical location or online.

When adding an Event, please try to set it up in a similar format to other Events.  All Events should have a Location and a Description.  Where possible please give a Picture for the Event.

TIP: For people new to setting up Events, there is a special training area available at Events being set up for training purposes should be given a Category of Training or Training: Ongoing. Events given one of these Categories will only be seen on the Training page.

At all times remember that anyone in the world is able to see the Event you have set up.  It is right that we proclaim our Christianity, but please do this using language that is attractive to people of other or no faith.  Avoid any language that is disrespectful or might be offensive to others.  Also, avoid putting a person's name or contact details on an Event - this can normally be done by using the Sign-up feature within ChurchSuite.

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