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The process of adding a Description for a Repeated Event is shown below:

  1. Edit the Event, then set the Description by clicking on Add description:
    Add Description
  2. Set a header showing frequence of how the Event repeats
    This is needed to show people interested in attending the Event when they should expect the next Event in the series.
    TIP Please be very clear in how the frequency is shown:
    • Use separate lines for each part of the frequency
    • Always add the location as the last line of the heading
    • Always add the first line of the main description, as this will make it easier to format the heading
    Basic Heading
  3. Center the heading text
    Click on the three dots to show the full toolbar options
    Highlight the heading text and click on the paragraph align icon
    Select Center
    Center Description
  4. Set the heading text to bold
    Click on Paragraph, then Inline, then Bold
    Bold Description
  5. Set the remainder of the Description text
    Click on Save to save the changes:
    Completed Description
  6. The updated Description is now shown
    The Description can be further edited by clicking on the pencil symbol beside the Description:Updated Description
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