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 This section shows the steps needed to create an Event in the way that fits in best with the CTAT website.  The process shown will create a training event, but creating a live event is exactly the same apart from the Category that is chosen.

  1. Display the Event List window (Use the Navigate to Event List process to get to this window)
    Create a new Event by clicking on Add event:Add Event
  2. Enter the Event Name
    In this case it will be called Training Event:
    Enter Event Name
  3. Set the Event Date
    For live Events, more details are given at Set Event Date.  This is a training Event, so set the time to be an hour later than the current time:
    Set Event Date and Time
  4. Set the Event Location
    For more details see Set Event Location:
    Set Event Location
  5. Set the Event Site
    For more details see Set Event Site.  Select your church if the Event takes place there, otherwise select Around Tadley.  If the Event is part of the Christmas, etc collections than also select the appropriate collection:
    Set Event Site
  6. Set the Event Category
    For more details see Set Event Category.  This is a training Event so the Category Training will be used:
    Set Event Category
  7. Set the Event Visibility
    More details are given at Set Event Visibility.  This is an Event with a fixed date, so all visibility options are selected.  Save the Event by clicking on Save:
    Set Event Visibility
  8. Set the Event Overseer
    Click on Add overseer:
    Set Event Overseer
  9. Set the Event Overseer Name
    For more details see Set Event Overseeer.  For a live event, set the Overseer to be the person who is responsible for the Event.  This is a training event so set the Overseer to yourself, then click Save:
    Set Event Overseer Name
  10. Set the Event Description
    Click on Add description:
    Set Event Description
  11. Set the Event Description text
    For more details see Set Event Description, then click on Save:Set Event Description Text
  12. Set the Event Picture
    Click on the picture roundel and select Edit.  For more details see Set Event Picture:Set Event Picture
  13. Click on the large + to navigate to the picture location:Set Event Picture Location
  14. Choose the required picture and click Open:Set Event Picture File
  15. Wait while the picture uploads:
    Set Event Picture Wait
  16. Fix Map Location
    The map location for the event often needs to be fixed.  For more details see Fix Map Location.  Click on the pencil symbol beside the location:
    Fix Map Location
  17. Click on the large + sign to zoom in so the default location and the desired location can be seen:
    Original Location
  18. Drag the red dot showing the map location so it lies on top of the desired location, then click OK:
    Fixed Location
  19. Vie the finished event using one of the methods shown in View Event:View Training Event
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