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The #Reports pages are a home for the reports needed for CTAT website maintenance. There will be one page for each calendar year (e.g. #Reports 2023). Each page contains the reports and their parameters needed for that year. Reports may get added or removed over time, so not all #Reports pages will be the same.

To set up a new #Reports page follow the following process:

  1. Display the Event List window (Use the Navigate to Event List process to get to this window)
    Type #reports into the search box to find the #Reports pages:
    Search for #reports pages
  2. Click on the elipses for the most recent #report page and select Duplicate:
    Duplicate #Report
  3. Set the name for the new #reports page, and set the dates to 1 Jan and 31 Dec for that year:
    Set #Report name
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the Duplicate event window and select Save
    All Visibility options should be selected:
    Save #Report
  5. Click on the pencil icon to edit the report description:
    Edit description
  6. Wait until the toolbar shows
    Click on the elipses to show the second line of the toolbar, then click on <> to open the html editor:
    Show full toolbar
  7. Select and copy all the html text:
    Select and copy
  8. Open a Notepad window
    Paste the html text into Notepad:
    Paste to Notepad
  9. Click on the Edit menu and select Replace
    Change all occurrences of the old year to the new year:
    Update Year
  10. Select all the html text and select Copy:
    Notepad select
  11. Paste the updated html text into the Source Code window
    Click on Save to save the updated html into ChurchSuite:
    html paste
  12. Save the updated report description:
    Save description
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