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This section explains how to refresh the ongoing Events for a new calendar year.  An ongoing Event is one that is valid for the whole year, or for a significant portion of it, and which is not tied to a specific date.  During this process a new Event will bew created for the new calendar year for each ongoing report.

Follow the process below to refresh all ongoing Events:

  1. Follow the Log on to ChurchSuite process
  2. Locate the #Reports Event for the current year
    In this example the #Reports 2023 Event will be used:
    Find #Reports
  3. Run the Ongoing Events Report, but do not download the results:
    Run Ongoing Event Report
  4. The results shoud look similar to those shown below.  For each Event shown, perform steps 5 to 7:
    Display ongoing
  5. Click on the ellipses at the right of each Event and select Duplicate event:
    Duplicate ongoing
  6. Click on Edit and set the Start and End dates for the new calendar year:
    Set Ongoing Event date
  7. Save the new ongoing report:
    Save Ongoing Event
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