Google Accounts

The following Google accounts are used within the CTAT websites. 

Each account should be logged on to at least once every six months and an email sent from the account, so that Google does not mark the account as unused.  The CTAT Treasurer holds the passwords for all these accounts.  The CTAT Web Administrator also holds a copy of all the passwords apart from treasurer.ctat.

Account Name Purpose
contact.ctat CTAT Contact account
editor.ctat Website editor
manager.ctat Main manager (not currently used)
moderator.ctat CTAT moderator account (not currently used)
secretary.ctat CTAT Secretary account
treasurer.ctat CTAT Treasurer account
website.ctat Website manager (not currently used)
silchesterhc Contact email for Silchester Holiday Club
tadleyhc Contact email for Tadley Holiday Club Accounts

The CTAT Domain is hosted by  The domain lease will expire on 13 February 2032.  It is set to auto-renew but should be manually renewed for a period of 10 years in early February 2032.

The treasurer.ctat account is used to log on to  The password for this usage is held by the CTAT Treasurer and the CTAT Web Administrator.

Trip Advisor Accounts

Trip Advisor usage is still being set up, but is not currently used.  The editor.ctat account is used to log on to Trip Advisor.  The password for this usage is held by the CTAT Web Administrator.