Logging on to e-voice and navigating to where the CTAT site can be maintained can seem a bit complicated, even after doing it a number of times.  However, once in the site maintenance process, most items are fairly straightforward.

To log on to e-voice, follow the process below:

  1. Search for e-Voice
    Open a browser window
    Type e-voice.org.uk in the address bar, then press Enter
    e-Voice Search
  2. Click on the Person icon
    Select Log In
    e-voice Select login
  3. Select your e-mail from the list of authorised users
    Select Email
  4. Enter your Password
    Enter Password
  5. Go to your account details
    Click on the Person icon and select Your Account
    Go To Account
  6. Select the Sites tab
    Select Site List
  7. Choose the Churches Together Around Tadley site
    Choose CTAT
  8. Go to Website Management
    Click on the gear wheel icon and select Manage Website
    Select Manage Website
  9. The Website Admin dashboard is now displayed
    Website Admin Dashboard

The website management processes are shown elsewhere in this Wiki.